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Leelah, Rest in Power
I've been hearing about this story for, I'd say, the past week. And I think that everything from this young lady's misfortunes to the aftermath of everything has just been terrible. I've seen such hateful things said about the transgender community mixed in with the loving support from those who supported Leelah as well as those who were going through the same thing she did. 
How can people be so hateful towards other people they don't know? How can parents sit by and watch their child live their lives in misery until they just can't take it anymore? I would never pretend to understand the suffering anyone in the transgender community goes through, but my heart breaks for every horrible comment I know a person can and will probably read or hear, a comment that makes them feel like they don't matter, like they are hated by the world for reasons that are beyond their own control.
I wish I could let them all know that there are people that do care, that there are people that love them even if they have no idea who they are. People that would cry if they hurt themselves, people that don't want another person to suffer in this horrible way. Pain is such a universal concept, even if it's degrees vary greatly. So why would anyone else want to put another person through such a terrible amount of it that they would…
I'm going to share this link to this website I found recently.…
I know I don't have a lot of people that follow my art, but if even a few people that do can spread that around, that could possibly help someone who is hurting inside a lot. It's incredibly cheesy to say this, but I honestly hate knowing that people can hurt inside so much that they feel like the only way to escape that pain is by ending their life. So many people face so many different forms of discrimination that is so unnecessary…
I'm sorry this is getting so long.
I did this for Leelah because she wanted what happened to her to shine a light on the awful things that happen to members of the transgendered community, and while I am a really tiny fish in the biggest of oceans, I still want to do a small part in that. I want people to know that there is always someone that cares about them and what they're going through, even if this person can't relate very well to their specific problems, this person and many others still want you to have someone to talk to, someone that you can feel connected to and be happy with. I want you to know you are loved, no matter what anyone says and no matter what terrible things may happen, no matter how bad you feel inside and no matter how much you feel like you don't belong.
There's always someone that loves you. As cheesy as it sounds, it's true.

Rest in Power, Leelah Alcorn. 
I'm sorry... by Katqueen2
I'm sorry...
I'm so sorry...

Here's another Sadstuck I did a little while ago. I enjoy experimenting with the faces and expressions of Homestuck characters since they have very nondescript faces. I'm not happy with how her horns turned out.
They upset me.
But I'm pretty sure Hamsteak people know what moment this is - when Kurloz screamed and Meulin went deaf and all of those good time feelings.

There will be more once I get around to drawing it.

Homestuck (c) Andrew Hussie
Drawing (c) Myself :iconkatqueen2:
Bioshock Infinite: Bad Assness by Katqueen2
Bioshock Infinite: Bad Assness
First off, let me say I spent thirty minutes on this and I know I probably have the worst photoshop skills imaginable. Let me also say that I don't really care because I focused more on the drawing than the background, and I just wanted to make it not boring. 
So, I'm actually really happy with this drawing because I have this neato concept behind it and everything. [SPOILERS] for anyone who might be interested in playing or aren't finished yet - I'm not finished yet. But I started thinking of her /as/ Booker in a timeline where maybe he was a girl, or just a game where the main character was a girl. The story is pretty much the same; war hero, had a kid, lost her kid and husband. The details are just slightly different - like the fact she was a female war hero resulted in slightly different views from her peers (a mix of positive and negative). She also got pregnant with her husband who was fighting in the wars as well, but she was unconscious when she gave birth. When she came to, the doctors told her that her baby had been stillborn, and she never even got to see her. A little later, she was told that her husband either died in combat or died from grief (i.e. suicide). In reality, her baby had been stolen and her husband murdered because Comstock is a butt head. 
I'm considering doing silly little side comics now and then, but I'm still trying to focus on the Pokemon comic I'm doing. It's.
It's taking a while. I'm sorry.

Anyway, the background does not belong to me. I snagged it from the original cover art for the game, so it belongs to 2K or Irrational games or whatevs. The drawing itself 100% belongs to me, although it is based off of the pose and such of Booker in the original cover art. 
She's holding my personal weapon of choice, bytheway. c:

Bioshock, cover art, etc. © 2K games, Irrational games, etc.
Original character art © Me :iconkatqueen2:
'Recycle' by Katqueen2
This is a video I made for class a while ago. I was hoping I could just upload the video, but apparently DeviantArt isn't for that.
Anyway, here's the link for the video on my old class website:…
Everything except for this song (c) Me :iconkatqueen2:
The song can be found here:…


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Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Introductions, introductions.
First of all, I am recognized as Ashley, Raquel, Katqueen2, and any variation of those names. If you find a more suitable name for me, feel free to use it, as long as it's not purposefully offensive.
Secondly, I am usually open to art trades and perhaps collaborations.
Finally, to keep this a nice three paragraph note, I try to be a genuinely kind person so long as those talking to me are kind in return.
Thank you and have a nice day.

Current Residence: Earth
Favourite genre of music: Alternative, Soft Rock, Rock, Country, Musical
Favourite style of art: Sketches
Favourite cartoon character: Nara Shikamaru
Personal Quote: "Derp da ferb,"
I /finally/ started on this friggin' comic, you guys.
Holy crow. It only took forever. And I'm still not done with my playthroughs. xc
But I want to get this ball rolling, so if you guys are interested in reading where I will be putting most of my artistic focus, go here.
I'm hopefully going to be updating more art soon because I've done SO many doodles and really good things that I think you will enjoy, I just have to take the time to scan them. xD
Anyway, hopefully I won't take as much time as I have been lately. I'll see you guys around!

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